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BIBLE TEXT(S) Luk.1:45, Phil 4:7.


Luke.1:45. Tells us that, "And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord".


1. Father, thank you for all you did for us last years, it is by Your mercy that we have all come to see this year. Accept our thanks in Jesus name. Lam. 3:22-23.

2. Father we are sorry for every of our act of disobedience towards you and lack of trust in You. Please forgive us in Jesus name.

3. Father, let our biggest challenge of 2022 be turned to our biggest testimonies this year in Jesus' name.

4. We decree that the Egyptians we saw last year, we shall not see them again forever in Jesus name. Exodus.14:13.

5. Father, for everything that brought shame to us last year, give us double breakthroughs in Jesus name. Isaiah.61:7.

6. Father, you said in the prophecy that You will speak peace to some troubled homes. Please Lord, speak peace to our troubled homes in Jesus name. Philippians.4:7.

7. Father, in Your mercy, let there be restoration of my lost glories in a Jesus name. Joel.2:25.

8. Oh Lord, have compassion on us, throw our sins in the ocean, trample then under your feet and redeem Nigeria in Jesus name. Habakkuk.7:17-18.

9. Father, by Your power, let all the trouble maker in our nation lose the ability to make trouble from now on in Jesus name.

10.Lord, let all the trouble makers in our families lose the ability to make trouble from now on in Jesus name.

11.Father, in this Year 2023, do mighty miracles that will make men crawl out of their groves and sanctums like snakes, and surrender unto You in Jesus name. Habakkuk.7:17.

12.Father, let the balloons of the wicked in Nigeria and in the nations of the world be deflated in Jesus name.

13.The silver is Yours and the gold is Yours, Haggai.2:8. Let there be wealth transfer to your Church this year in Jesus name.

14.Father, raise for us battle axes that You will use to fulfill Your prophecies over nations in Jesus name. Jeremiah.51:20.

15.Father, raise the company of the Cyruses to crumble every Babylonian empire in our nation in Jesus name. Isaiah.45:1-5.

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