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For there to be revival in the church of God, the church must become very prayerful. It is only prayer that can bring about the expected revival that will make the church stand out in Jesus name.


1. Father send down the fire of revival in your church again, like the days of old , in Jesus name. Habakkuk 3:2

2. Father, awake your church from deep slumber in Jesus name. Isaiah 56:10

3. Father let there be fresh Holy Ghost fire, fresh anointing, fresh unction upon your church, in Jesus name. Acts 2:1-4

4. Father give new strength, new live, new energy to your church at this end time, in Jesus name. Acts 4:29

5. Holy Spirit, send down your Holy Ghost fire to our revival programs, in Jesus name. Acts 4:30

6. Father let there be live miracles that will make people believe you and you alone, in Jesus name. John 4:48, 5:1-9

7. Father, release your anointing of healing into your church, let the blind see, let the lame work, let the dumb speak, let the deaf hear and the dead rise in Jesus name. Acts 19:11

8. Father, let our mind be genuinely renewed for your Holy Spirit, in Jesus name. Romans 12:2

9. Father you are the portal of our lives, remold us to your desire and your will in Jesus name. Jer 18:3-4

10.Every power working to make us what you have not created us to be, Holy Ghost deal with it in Jesus name. Isaiah 54:16 - 17

11.Every Inherited strange behavior and habits in our lives working against our personal revival be destroyed in Jesus name. Jeremiah 31:29

12.Father, every virtue, blessings, I had lost before I gave my life to you be restored in Jesus name. Joel 2:25

13.Father, whatever the enemy has stolen from me become too hot for my enemies to keep in their camp and be returned to me in Jesus name. 1Sam 5:2-5

14.Father, restore to me every divine virtue, I and every member of my family have lost for the past years, in Jesus name. Joel 2:25 15.Powers in (put your country) working against the revival of the church be destroyed in Jesus name. Dan 10:13

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