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BIBLE TEXT(S) Mat 28:19-20; Mat 4:19


In Luke 10:2, It is the desire of our Lord Jesus for the Church to grow because the harvest is great but many obstacles and factors are preventing this promise from coming to past. We need to stand against these obstacles in our prayers.


1. Father, we thank you for the early revival of the church, which brought about explosive church growth, in Jesus name. Acts 2:47

2. Father, we thank you for taking RCCG from 44 parishes in Nigeria to over 180 countries all over the world, in Jesus name. Genesis 9:19

3. Father, we thank you for the salvation of thousands of souls who were on their way to hell, but you have helped them to make a U-turn to heaven, using your church as an instrument of salvation. Mat 16:18

4. Father, we thank you for making several accesses to many unreached lands, in Jesus name. Exodus 14:21 - 22

5. Father, we thank you for all your missionaries who left their families and countries to dangerous parts of the world to preach boldly the message of salvation to perishing souls, in Jesus name. Mat 28:19-20, Mat 4:19

6. Father, we thank you for urgent interventions with which you delivered your missionaries in times of persecution and peril, in Jesus name. Acts 12:8

7. Father, let the power of the Holy Ghost manifest in your church like the days of old, in Jesus name. Acts 23: 6 - 7

8. Father cover your church and let the blood of Jesus, speak for your church, in Jesus name. Hebrew 12:24

9. Father, let your fire of deliverance be rekindled in your church, in Jesus name. Obadiah 1:17.

10.Father renew and refresh, your ministers so that they can flee from carnality in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities, in Jesus name. Ezekiel 36:27

11.Father, every seed you have not planted into your church uproot in Jesus name. Mat 15:13.

12.Father, every ungodly power that has penetrated to the position of authority in the church expose and disgrace them and if they fail to repent, uproot them, in Jesus name. Mat7:15

13.Father every ungodly power working against church growth be consumed by the fire of Holy Ghost, in Jesus name. Matthew 12:30

14.Lord give your church divine direction, in Jesus name. Psalm 23:2

15.Father, sow into our branches across the globe, ideas, knowledge, strategies, wisdom we need to move your church forward in Jesus name. Ephesians 1:17

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