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BIBLE TEXT(S): Mat. 6:9-13, 25:34-36; 18:21-3, Joh 18:36

INTRODUCTION: The kingdom of God is where God rules and reigns. It’s a peaceful kingdomdevoid of any evil. It’s our duty to pray for the kingdom to come early as this is the only final solution to world chaos and troubles.


1. Father I thank you for your word and your kingdom. Psalm 98:1

2. Father whatever I have done that will make me not to be part of this your kingdom, please have mercy and forgive me in the name of Jesus. Psalm 98:3

3. Father give me a generous heart and the grace to do your will at all times in Jesus name Ezekiel 36:27

4. Father let your kingdom come and your perfect will be done on earth in Jesus name. Matthew 6:10

5. Father deliver me from every work of the flesh in the name of Jesus. Romans 8:6

6. Father give me the grace to forgive all that have offended me; and cause all those I have offended to forgive me as well in Jesus name. Matthew 6:12

7. Father make me an addicted soul winner to keep populating your kingdom in Jesus name. Prov. 11:30

8. Father I cast out every root of bitterness in me in Jesus name Job 7:11

9. Father please draw more people to your kingdom in Jesus name Acts 14:3

10.Father take away from us everything that will make it impossible for us to enter into your kingdom in Jesus mighty name Lk. 18:24-25

11.Father help your church to understand that your kingdom is not meat and drink; but in righteousness and peace in Jesus name. Rom 14:17

12.Father give us the grace to serve you wholeheartedly in Jesus name Deut. 6:5

13.Father we abort every plan of the enemy to depopulate your kingdom in Jesus name. Isa. 54:15

14.Father cause my life to always bring joy to your kingdom in Jesus name Isa. 60:15

15.Thank you, father, for answers to prayers Psa. 33:21

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